Enterprise Mobility Management

Enabling Productivity Anywhere

Mobile devices continue to transform business productivity and the way you work, from the exponential growth of smartphones to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. Konica Minolta’s enterprise mobility management solutions enhance productivity, whether you’re sharing and collaborating on projects, extending business processes, optimizing and automating workflows or printing remotely.

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Konica Minolta enterprise mobility management solutions give you anytime, anywhere access on any device. Cloud-based or on-premise, our mobility services and solutions meet the most stringent corporate requirements for security, accessibility and ease of use. They enable your IT administrators to easily deploy and manage, and give end-users convenient access to content. mobile device management solutions include the Konica Minolta Print app, a free download compatible across iOS, Android and Windows platforms that offers advanced print functionalities typically found only with print drivers.

Economical solutions for the small business — along with enterprise scalability to manage thousands of printers in multiple locations — are also available. Our mobility solutions can integrate with everything from an existing print accounting solution to existing network infrastructure, as well as with any printer and any mobile device, enabling anywhere, anytime productivity for mobile professionals everywhere.

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Extend Business Processes to Mobile Devices:

See your business operations seamlessly work on any mobile device, from smartphones to tablets.
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Mobility Management and Industry Compliance:

Helps you easily comply with the necessary management and security regulations while reducing your non-compliance fears.
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Harmonious Interoperable Solutions:

No more worries about incompatibility between the wide array of devices that your employees use to be more productive.
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Workstyle Flexibility:

Keep your employees happy by allowing them to use the mobile device of their choice without any incompatibility hindrances.
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Flexible Deployment:

Be assured that all tracking, management and solution deployment to BYOD and corporate devices occurs without interruption or kinks.
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Workplace of the Future Preparedness:

Laying a solid enterprise mobility foundation today will allow your business to easily support a wide array of mobile-related resources down the road.
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Mobility Brochure
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